Competition rules

HSV “De Karper” Lomm Seniors edition September 2018.

  1. Every participant is expected to know these regulations and to abide by them.
  2. Fishing is done with a fixed rod, provided with a single hook.
    The maximum length of the rod is 9.5 meters.
    Rod including line may no longer than 15 meters.
  3. The participant may only fish in the place assigned to him by lot.
    The fisherman’s seat must be on the concrete slabs provided for that purpose.(In the case of a pairing match, the seat may be partly positioned along the concrete slab)
    During fishing, catching and landing the fish, the fisherman must stay in place.
    Help with the scooping of the fish is not allowed (except for the pairing competitions).
  4. The first signal indicates the start of the race. The second signal indicates the
    at the end of the game.
    Fish, stricken during the second signal, but not yet on dry land, still counts.
  5. As bait everything is allowed except mosquito larvae, live or dead fish, pieces of fish, potato, hemp and lures. Colored maggots are forbidden.
  6. A maximum of 300 grams of dry food including bait may be used.
  7. It is not allowed to feed and fish before the first signal. Gearing and probing is allowed.
  8. Fishing is done for the highest weight. At the same weight, the number of fish caught is decisive.
    If this is also the same, fate will decide. All fish caught counts.
  9. The catch may only be kept in a non-steel net and must comply with the netting code, at least 2.5 meters long, soft material and a minimum diameter of 40 cm.
    The net must remain in the water until weighed.
  10. The duration is 3 hours, unless otherwise agreed.
    Should a thunderstorm occur during the competition, the competition will be stopped immediately and everyone must leave the waterfront.
    This in consultation with each other and no risk should be taken.
  11. For the 55+ races, 3 races with the lowest weight are NOT counted out of the total number of races to be fished.
    A non fished race does not count.
  12. When the catch is weighed after the race, there will always be at least 2 persons present.
  13. You will be late if you are not visibly present when the first number has been drawn for the race in question.
  14. The minimum number of participants is three at the first contest of a series.
  15. In all cases not provided for in these rules, the race committee will decide, usually in consultation with the fellow competitors. Do not leave dirt or garbage on your fishing place.

The Match Committee