Regulations for day and year licensees.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use potatoes, potato products, pigeon manure and hemp as decoy feed and bait, and to possess or feed
    more than ½ kg of decoy feed. Furthermore, you are not allowed to own or fish with coloured maggots.
  2. Waste such as plastic, paper, cans, lure food, etc. may not be left on the site, but must be taken away.
  3. It is forbidden to be in and / or on the water. It is also forbidden to feed steerable boats.
  4. All fish caught should be handled carefully and returned immediately to the water, or during competitions in a suitable life net that complies with the life net code of conduct.
    Taking fish is strictly prohibited.
  5. It is forbidden to be on the premises or to fish after sunset until sunrise.
    Night fishing is strictly forbidden.
  6. Non-members are forbidden to fish specially for pike. (Pike)
  7. Seniors and juniors who are members of HSV De Karper with a fishing pass may fish with a maximum of two rods with a single hook on one fishing place. Day permit holders may only fish with one rod.
    Please be considerate of other anglers.
  8. Dogs and playing sound equipment are prohibited.
  9. The day licence or the Fishing Pass must be shown at all times on demand by the controller or the police. Controllers are in possession of a pass of the association
  10. The use of disabled fishing jetties is permitted for everyone, provided that it is taken into account that an disabled fisherman has priority at all times at this place.
  11. Anyone who does not comply with these conditions is considered to be fishing without a licence and will be treated as such.
  12. H.S.V. “De Karper” is not liable for damage and accidents on and along the terrain Bosbergweide.
  13. In all cases not covered by these regulations, the daily management of H.S.V. “De Karper” will decide.

Board H.S.V. “De Karper”