Penalty amounts in case of infringement 2021

Nowadays, more and more checks are being carried out by the police and BOA’s (Special Investigation Officers) on compliance with the Fisheries Act. For a small amount of money you are a member of a fishing association and can fish with peace of mind. The attached overview as of 1-1-2021 shows that fines can run up considerably. Almost all fines have been increased this year.
Infringements, fact numbers and fines for inland fishing as of 01-01-2021
On top of the fine there is an additional € 9 administration fee

Carrying out inland fishing without the written consent of the holder of the right to fish for that water, with
H 645 a with one or two rods € 150
H 645 b with one bulb € 220
H 645 c with more than two rods € 330
Carry out or habitually carry out inland fishing and do not hand over for inspection at the first request of an investigating officer:
H 647 b written authorisation € 100
H 647 c leases and other documents € 100
Fishing gear:
H 648 fishing with unauthorised gear *
Fishing with an authorised gear that does not comply with the required conditions when
H 650 -1 or 2 authorised gear € 300
H 650 b – more than two authorised gears *
Fishing from 1 April to 31 May) with:
H 652 a bait with bait prohibited in this period € 100
H 652 b a standing net € 300
H 654 fish during the period fixed by the Minister in a period specified by him designated water € 100
H 656 fishing between 2 hours after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise € 100
Weir / fish passage
H 660 fish in the Lower Rhine, Meuse, Lek or Overijsselse Vecht within a distance of
75 metres downstream of a weir, in a weir fitted
fish passage or within a radius of 25 metres from the upper mouth of this fish passage € 150
Have fishing gear on or in the vicinity of any inland water:
H 662 a while the use of such fishing gear is prohibited in the water concerned or at that time € 100
H 662 b knowing one or two rod(s) while not authorised or entitled to fish in that water € 100
H 662 c i.e. one jig or more than two rods when not authorised or entitled to fish in that water €150
H 662 d i.e. any other authorised fishing gear while not authorised or entitled to fish in that water €300
H 662 e i.e. unauthorised fishing gear *
Live bait:
H 664a use live fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals as bait when fishing in coastal or inland waters € 400 !!!!!!!!
Minimum sizes and closed times (fish):
H 666 undersized fish caught in sea, coastal or inland waters not put back in the same water immediately after collection € 150
H 668 fish not returned to the same water immediately after being collected during the closed season for that species € 150
H 670 smoked eel less than 25 cm in stock, transport, offer for sale, sell, deliver, process or handle € 300
Other offences, fact numbers and amounts of fines
False name / identification requirement :
D 515 give a false name, first name, date of birth, etc. € 400
D 517 failing to comply with the obligation to present proof of identity for inspection € 100
Noise pollution:
H 200 noise or neighbourly noise can cause a disturbance of the night’s sleep € 150
H 205 without an exemption/permit where a private individual outside an establishment operates or performs operations on appliances or sound equipment which cause a nuisance to a neighbour or the surrounding area PLV) €150
Fire firing:
H 320 light, light or have a fire in the open air (PLV) € 300

* amount to be determined by the Public Prosecutor
** PLV = Local Ordinance