VISpas: general terms and conditions adapted

Respectful and responsible behaviour always starts with common sense.
In order to stimulate a good atmosphere on and near the water, the general conditions for the VISpas for 2019 have been adapted and extended in several respects.
The most important ones are explained below.

  • From now on it is forbidden to leave ventilated rods unattended.
  • From now on, waste must be kept in a bag or bucket at all times, including while fishing.
  • Because most of the sold tents (bivvy’s) for anglers are bigger and bigger, the maximum allowed dimensions for this have also been extended. The maximum dimensions of shelters for anglers are now 3.20 mtr. x 3.10 mtr. x 1.8 mtr.
  • When fishing with two or more rods, the distance between them should not exceed 10 meters..
  • Depending on the type of competition and the width of the water, the obligation to keep the banks clear may henceforth apply to the entire water as well as to the banks on both sides of the water in question.
  • Sport anglers should take into account other anglers and other users of the fishing water and the environment. This may mean that they should not fish too far away and as far as possible at right angles to the shore.

Inspectors of associations and BOAs will receive additional information about these changes and will monitor them.

Board H.S.V. “De Karper”